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Human beings may have long ago figured out how to live with dogs, cats and horses in peace, but birds are still kind of a mystery. Maybe it’s because not a ton of people have them as pets, or maybe it’s because birds are inherently untrustworthy. Either way, I’m extremely suspicious of them, and this video is a great indication of why.

YouTube user Nowledge has lived in fear of his mother’s bird, Boo, ever since she ate off part of his brother’s ear. Even worse, when mom leaves the room, the bird slowly walks toward him with a menacing I’m-about-to-eat-your-ear face-off glare. After the process repeated itself over and over again, Nowledge decided to record it and put the footage on YouTube. It’s been racing around the Internet ever since, shared by both bird lovers and bird haters alike.

That’s the weird thing about owning a bird. There are a certain percentage of observers out there who can’t understand why anyone would ever want a bird to live inside their house. Then, there’s a completely different percentage who find them to be the most adorable and charming animals ever. I definitely fall in the former camp and will always fall in the former camp, but provided weirdos keep their birds secured inside cages, they can do whatever they want.

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