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A scared fourteen-year-old boy awkwardly standing opposite his homecoming date might tell you dancing is mostly about talent, but the truth is at least eighty percent of owning the dance floor is directly related to confidence and effort. You just need to pretend you know what you’re doing and chances are you’ll be fine, provided you don’t do this.

If ever evidence was needed of that fact, the above video provides it. Wandering by a step aerobics/ dance class, this fat Russian dude in a speedo decides to impulsively go out there and put everyone to shame. He doesn’t have a pedestal. He doesn’t have very many pieces of clothes on, but none of that clouds his swagger in the slightest. He moves like a ballet student saddled with a bulbous stomach, and judging by the look on his face, no one in the world is having a better time.

Not everyone can look like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey when they hit the dance floor, but all of us are capable of rearing back and just having plenty of fun.

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