Think back to elementary school gym class. Remember that one girl that was incredibly good at jumping rope? She probably did all kinds of multiple jumps and was cocky as hell about it. Well, imagine what would happen if that girl didn’t get over that phase but instead continued jumping rope and made a career out of it. Imagine how insanely good she would be.

Meet Adrienn Banhegyi. She’s the star of the above video, the holder of two world jumping rope records and a performer in Cirque de Soleil. Popular cinematographer Devin Supertramp met her while he was working on another video in Hungary, and two decided to combine forces to make the coolest jumping rope video ever. Mission accomplished.

The great thing about this video is how well it incorporates the architecture and scenery in Budapest. It’s almost like a travel guide, and at just a shade under two minutes, the footage really flies by. Plus, it’s always fun to see someone who is brilliant at something weird.

Here’s to hoping Banhegyi and Supertramp combine to create some more awesome jumping rope videos in different European cities moving forward.

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