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Watch Glenn Close Pretend To Be Drunk At The Golden Globes

The Golden Globe awards are all about the reaction shots, because unlike the Oscars, they're actually willing to have fun with the giant celebrities who are in their midst. With all the stars sitting at tables and sipping on champagne, there are great opportunities to poke fun at and get great reactions out of nearly everyone in the room… and that includes giant acting legends, as it turns out.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were willing to poke fun at nearly everyone in the room at the Golden Globes, as we've talked about here, but one of the most game participants turned out to be Glenn Close, who responded to their random barb about her being drunk with one of the most hilarious imitations of an actual drunk person that we've ever seen. Check it out in gif form below:

Close was nominated for her role on Damages, which actually ended its run in September of last year, meaning this was her last shot at winning at Golden Globe. She won the prize in 2008, and this was her third nomination, but pretty much no one thought she had a shot at winning against Homeland's Claire Danes, who won the Emmy in the same category just a few months ago. That makes her all the more awesome for going along with the joke, though. Seems like the Globes are much more fun to attend when you know you don't have a shot at winning.

Did you spot someone who was actually drunk at the awards who did it better? Do you think Glenn Close didn't deserve that shout-out-- especially since she eventually lost the trophy to Claire Danes? Let us know in the comments below. And to see the full list of tonight's winners, click here and here.

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