Have you ever wondered what the inside of an Egyptian tomb smells like? Or a South American rainforst in the middle of a storm? Or Dirk Nowitzki’s socks after a double overtime playoff game? Google has. And that wonder has led the company to conceive the Google Nose, a brand new search feature that allows users to experience olfactory sensations from more than fifteen million odor-exuding people, products and places, at least if it existed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t—just like a whole host of random creations specifically invented to provide brief amusement on April Fools' Day.

As a rule, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the holiday. I don’t really like creating or getting duped by fake news stories, but if a company is excited about participating, the best way to go, for my money, is with a custom video like the one Google created above. Such an offering provides a few laughs and is overtly fake enough that it won’t actually trick users into forwarding on false information, which is even known to happen with Onion stories.

Over in the main section, Katey Rich is updating a list of all movie-related April Fools' stories; so, I thought we’d do the same over in Pop with some of the more popular videos making the rounds. Some of the biggest companies in the world have gotten in on the action, and as I find more, I’ll add them to the next pages…

Here’s a hilarious one for Scope Bacon. We already put bacon on everything; so, why not make our breath smell like it? I’m not sure a scent would attract every woman, but it wouldn’t certainly attract hungry women…

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