New York City-based prank collective Improv Everywhere took aim at Staples with its latest mission, and the hilarious footage has finally surfaced online. Posing as well-dressed business executive, twenty-four actors entered the large retail location on 6th Avenue and sat down in the chair section to hear a presentation given by fellow actor Will Hines. The conglomeration of people quickly attracted the attention of employees and the manager who was convinced they must have been given the wrong address.

Improv Everhwhere is probably best known for outfitting volunteers with blue polos and khakis and sending them into Best Buy. I’m not sure if this mission quite matches the genius of that one, but regardless, it’s still worth watching. Take a look at the madness below…

My favorite part of this entire video is the manager speculating about a possible pyramid scheme dynamic. How low class and terrible of a salesman would this dude have to be to try and win over investors inside a Staples? But then again, that’s probably more believable than this many suited people mistaking a retail store for the place they rented out to conduct their business meeting.

To check out more backstory behind the mission, you can head over to Improv Everywhere’s official website.

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