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Watch Jeff Goldblum Take Off His Shirt, Act Insanely Creepy In This Weird Commercial

Oh, I'm sorry did you think there was any way a light bulb commercial might turn you on? Well, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! have set out to prove you wrong by slathering Jeff Goldblum all over an ad for Goldbulbs GE's long-lasting LED light bulbs.

Instead of playing himself, Goldblum plays on his quirky persona by portraying Terry Quattro, Famous Person. In two minutes and ten seconds we learn a great deal about this snazzy dresser. Here's a short list:

• He's a star of the big screen, small screen and silk screen.

• He benefits from "exceptional lighting."

• He spends a more on moist towelettes than you will on these light bulbs.

• He spends more tipping the guy who tips people for him than you will on these bulbs.

• He doesn't want his moist towelettes too moist.

• He's a multi-tasking self-portrait painter.

• He has high standards for signature fragrances.

• His home dojo is bigger than yours.

• His music room has a hot tub because of course it does.

• He loves America.

• And like the real Jeff Goldblum, he knows you love him too.

GE gets the magic of Goldblum, crafting a whole long-form ad around his weird yet sexy glory. Then they essentially promise that these magical light bulbs will turn your non-famous non-celebrity husband into Jeff Goldblum.


Staff writer at CinemaBlend.