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Watch Kelly Clarkson Cover Eminem's Lose Yourself

Kelly Clarkson has sung her share of covers in the past. The former American Idol contestant sang songs from Otis Redding’s “Respect” to The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men” during her tenure on the hit singing competition show, and still goes all out singing a cover or two when she is on tour. She often favors songs for big voices, but during her recent concert in Detroit, Michigan over the weekend, the songstress favored a little bit of a different tune. This time when she sang a cover, the pop singer chose Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,"--a fitting tribute for an audience from the town the blonde rap star hails from.

Of course, Clarkson wasn’t wholly responsible for the cover choices. As the 30-year-old notes at the beginning of the video, she often performs requests. Over the weekend, the suggestions rolling her way just so happened to be asking for Eminem's work. I do seriously give the singer some credit for attempting such a fast-paced track, and for going out of her way to borrow a sweatshirt to give herself some of Eminem’s ragged look.

There are trickier Eminem tracks than "Lose Yourself," but it can't be easy to attempt singing a song from an entirely different genre.There’s not a lot of finesse in the words Clarkson spits out, but there is, oddly enough, a little bit of country to her tone. By the time the chorus rolls around, the audience seems to be sucked in, fascinated, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you were, too.

Clarkson is currently on tour to support her 2011 album Stronger. If you are interested in hearing more covers, she still has plenty of tour dates on the schedule, available over at her site.