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Watch Long Drive Champion Jamie Sadlowski Accidentally Break Golf Channel's Simulator

Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski stopped by The Golf Channel last week to talk about swinging the wrenches and to hit a few bombs into the studio’s computer simulator. Unfortunately, he was only able to hit one because his first drive propelled past the protective netting and straight through the simulation screen, causing a golf ball sized hole and a clear jolt to the computer system.

God only knows how much damage the incredible tee shot wound up costing, but luckily, the network has been benefitting in the form of publicity. In less than a week, Sadlowski’s drive has netted almost two million views on YouTube, and that total keeps climbing. You can take a look at footage of the incident below…

I love the look on host Gary Williams’ face. You can tell he’s elated he just witnessed the shot and is enjoying the hell out of it, even if his bosses are annoyed about having to go buy new equipment. And that’s the right attitude too. The best rule of live television, like improv, is to just go with it in almost any instance.

There’s no word yet on whether Golf Channel executives will invite Sadlowski back to take a swing at Morning Drive’s next simulator, but if they do, plenty of people will likely tune in.

Mack Rawden

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