There are few ways to make people smile faster than a great magic trick. One is to unexpectedly give them something cool. Fortunately for everyone involved, the above video offers both of those winning ingredients, which is perhaps why it’s generated almost twenty thousand views in less than a single day.

Looking for a way to make homeless people smile, magician Stuart Edge, probably best known for his kissing card trick, took $1000 of his own money out of the bank and devised a scheme to give it away while creating an awesome video in the process. He approached ten different homeless people on the street, handed them a one dollar bill and held up his own one hundred dollar bill. Then he asked the participants to visualize the bills switching places, and, of course, they did exactly that.

Interactions with homeless people aren’t always worth smiling about, but given the right needy person and a great cause, certain videos can really warm your heart. That’s the case with this one, and hopefully, it’ll inspire some more YouTube all-stars to devise concepts that are both enjoyable and good-hearted.

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