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We accept the reality we’re presented with unless we’re given a reason to question it. Hollywood special effects masters have been playing into this fact for decades through camera tricks, clever spacing and inventive angles, and now, optical illusionist Richard Wiseman has done the same thing with an inventive new YouTube video called “Assumptions”.

Take a look at the awesomeness below…

Based on the title and a brief description I’d read prior to watching the video, I had a rough idea what to expect, but I was still floored by the actual tricks that were played. Looking back, some of the things seem a little off inside the room, but without knowing what to look for, there’s no way I could have possibly figured it out.

Beyond the basic cleverness of the camera tricks, this video has a lot going for it in the way of practicalities. At just under forty-five seconds, it’s a real clean and quick length. With just a handful of surprise reveals, it spaces them out just the right amount and because the guy never loses his seriousness, it has a great sense of mystery about it.

In less than a week, “Assumptions” has racked up nearly one million views. I can’t imagine a single person who watched it was disappointed either.