If you’re not familiar with the musical team of Pomplamoose, it’s time for education. The duo consists of singer Nataly Dawn and multi-instrumentalist Jack Conte. The husband and wife team formed way back in 2008, and established an early cult following on Youtube. Since garnering tons of fans, selling mashups and singles online, the couple has been signed to a label and seen their popularity soar. Of course, they’re still a small time duo. More important, they still produce stuff themselves in the rogue style of using what they have to make great music.

Most often you’ll find they’re doing incredible covers and mashups of popular songs. The latest is a mashup of producer/singer/songwriter/robot lover Pharrell’s “Happy” and “Get Lucky.” The video itself is one long shot starting at the 4 second mark, where Jack explains how they make their videos. So it’s one part instructional video, one part music video, one part musical mashup, and all awesome. The mixture of songs, with the chords from “Happy” and then going into a part with the lyrics of “Happy” and “Get Lucky” with the signature melody of the Daft Punk song is incredible.

What Pomplamoose does is more than just a simple mashup. This isn’t Glee, with corny and odd mashing of songs. Jack and Nataly have taken two tonally similar songs, and produced something that is new. Yes, it’s all sample and repurposing, but it’s musical and brilliant. Also, the production value these two are now achieving after 6 years of working their assess off is astounding. Compare the video above to one of the duo’s earlier works below.