If ten people were asked to watch ten preselected movies and then rank said releases in order of quality, the lists, while not exactly the same, would likely share plenty of similarities. That’s because an overwhelming majority of people are amateur movie critics. They’ve watched enough films and had enough conversations to intuitively get why Argo is really good and Playing For Keeps is not. With art, however, an overwhelming majority of us are completely clueless. We rely on people who know about art to give things their stamp of approval by putting them in galleries or museums and then we either like them or dislike them based on how they visually strike us.

Appreciating art is a very confusing process, which is why pranksters tricking people into thinking total bullshit is art. That’s exactly what happened earlier this month when Doug and Mikael decided to hit up two separate galleries, stuff ping pong balls in their mouths and pretend to be pieces of art. Take a look at the footage below…

I wish there was a way to figure out what these curious onlookers are thinking. I bet some of them are reacting as most of us would by thinking, “What the hell is this?” Then again, I bet others are duping their minds into figuring out some perspective that makes the ping pong swallowing beautiful and important.

Here’s to hoping the next art hoax that goes viral is as amusing as this.

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