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Watch Samuel L Jackson Tell Voters To Wake The F*** Up For Obama

If Morgan Freeman is the best possible narrator for conveying a sense of honest authority, Samuel L Jackson is the best possible person to get across anger. Last year, the actor earned plenty of laughs and dinner conversations for his narration of Adam Mansbach’s bedtime story Go the Fuck To Sleep, and now, the two have partnered together again for a new partisan political video entitled Wake The Fuck Up.

Paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, the clip features the actor and his little girl assistant chastising each member of her family for not being nearly as proactive to help President Obama during this election season. It’s funny, biased and sure to race its way around the Internet. You can take a look at the edited version below…

Obviously, no one from the Obama campaign approved this message. If asked about it, I’m sure everyone involved will refuse to endorse it, but deep down, you know they’re smiling. A large turnout typically favors Democratic candidates, and if his supporters got even a bit more proactive, he’d probably win with a cushion. Obviously, there’s a little more disenchantment this time around, however.

It’s unlikely this clip will have a large impact on anyone’s behavior, but it’s still humorous and worth watching. You can take a look at the uncensored version over at WTFU.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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