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Ordinarily when too much snow builds up on top of a roof, it falls down in a few big clumps or tiny bits descend little by little. Now and again, however, it all plunges to Earth in a beautiful pattern so intricate it almost seems planned.

That was the case earlier this year in Shenyang, China when random patches of snow began falling off a row of buildings until the pace slowly increased to the point that it looked like a waterfall. By complete chance, someone across the street was filming at the perfect moment and was able to capture it all. Take a look at the magic below…

The most impressive thing about this video is the sheer scope of the “snowfall”. It’s crazy how far the pattern extends, and the fact that it spans wider than the camera really makes the angle seem overwhelming in a cool, limitless kind of way.

This clip was first uploaded in Chinese and gained a solid bit of popularity until someone threw it on YouTube with an English title. It’s amassed a few thousand views in the last couple days, and moving forward, it should only get more popular.