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Jay-Z and Beyonce are typically considered one of the most stable couples in all of Hollywood, but they looked like anything but after video of a shocking fight between the legendary rapper and his sister-in-law emerged. Now, fans of the couple and generally curious sorts are trying to figure out what could have possibly driven a wedge between the family.

According to TMZ, the shocking video seen above was filmed at the Standard Hotel following the Met Gala. It’s a little hard to say since it’s grainy security camera footage not meant to be obsessed over by the general public, but if you look closely, you can see Jay-Z, Solange Knowles and Beyonce Knowles all board the elevator, along with a security guard. Not long after the door closes, Solange goes absolutely nuts on Jay-Z, repeatedly kicking him and trying to strike him. He protects himself, but he never takes a swing back. The random bodyguard, however, does intervene and holds her back before she does any real damage.

Obviously, the question on everyone’s mind seems to be the same: what the hell? We have no idea if he said anything that may have provoked her or if something shady went down at the Met Gala earlier in the night. Maybe this has been building for awhile. Maybe some or all of the people involved were intoxicated and not using their better judgment. We just don’t know, but regardless, it’s an issue they’re going to need to address. Knowing their personalities, that conversation will no doubt happen behind closed doors, and hopefully, it will lead to the exact opposite of what you see on that tape.

At this point, it’s completely unclear who may have leaked the tape. Certainly, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Solange have nothing to gain by the footage going public, and it’s hard to imagine the bodyguard had anything to do with it since half of his job is silence. So, that likely leaves someone from the Standard Hotel, a sad realization that hasn’t gotten past the management. Today, executives released a statement promising a full investigation in order to ensure the privacy of guests moving forward.

Whatever is going on with the Carter/ Knowles family right now, Pop Blend’s sincerest well-wishes go out to them. Jay-Z and Beyonce are the ultimate power couple, and it would devastate half the world if they broke up. They need to make it for all of our sakes, least of all because the Internet would probably explode arguing about whose side to be on.

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