Watch Some Rescuers Save A Baby Dolphin

Recently some awesome SeaWorld crew members and some also incredible lifeguards helped a baby dolphin to escape the confines of a fishing net. The dolphin was trapped in the net on Friday morning and if a concerned kayaker had not spotted the poor creature flailing in the water near La Jolla, California, we may not have the charming video of the rescue, today.

The AP video is pretty cool, but UT San Diego also has some pretty incredible photo footage of the dudes scrambling in a boat to help the dolphin in the water. According to the outlet, the rescue team was able to locate and snare the dolphin in order to help it shortly after the kayaker spotted the little tyke around 11 a.m. PST.

Without the rescue, it’s highly likely the baby dolphin would have died. As things stand, however, once the rescue team was able to free the mammal from the lengthy fishing line it was caught in, the creature swam off happily to meet some other dolphins nearby that were waiting to see the outcome of the whole event. I’m not sure I ever expected to utter the phrase “SeaWorld to the rescue!” but there it is.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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