Watch Stephen Colbert Dance To 'Get Lucky' With Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon And Many More

Depending on who you ask, the song of the summer is either Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" or Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." "Blurred Lines" has the edge on the charts, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for the last 7 weeks in a row, but "Get Lucky" might have just gained on it thanks to the coveted Colbert Bump. Daft Punk was apparently scheduled to appear on The Colbert Report last night to actually play "Get Lucky" in person (from behind their signature helmets, of course), but Viacom-- which owns both Comedy Central and MTV-- bumped them, to save the surprise of their appearance on the Video Music Awards at the end of this month. So Colbert, after eviscerating the corporation for the decision and spoiling the surprise, struck back in the way only Colbert can: a dance party with all his celebrity friends.

Watch the entire sequence above, then watch it again, then watch it a third time to compare Jeff Bridges' ass-waggle to Matt Damon's finger guns, then watch it a fourth time to ensure that "Get Lucky" is stuck in your head for the rest of your life. Then watch 10 more seconds of the song in the video below, in which Colbert dances with the "Hyundai executives" who were on hand for the Daft Punk performance that never happened. There are so many levels of meta here that I honestly don't know if Hyundai paid big bucks to promote Daft Punk's appearance…. but I do know it's unlikely real auto executives can get down like that, or manage to sit so quietly when the dance party actually began.

So you're still not convinced that "Get Lucky" is the true song of the summer, Billboard charts be damned? OK, fine. In a last-second reveal, just at the point when the Colbert musical guest would normally start playing, Stephen was rescued by a guest in the audience… and it was Robin Thicke! One quick C-shaped Bat Signal later and Thicke was set up onstage to perform "Blurred Lines." And, say what you will about the man, the music video or the generally rapey lyrics of the song itself, but Thicke's charisma sells the song every single time.

If the sight of someone dancing around New York City fills your heart with a very specific kind of joy, there's a way to relive that feeling for the length of an entire feature film. The movie Girl Walk // All Day, which can be watched in its entirety here, follows a deceptively simple and similar premise: a girl busts out of ballet class, makes her way across New York City and gets into adventures, all set to the Girl Talk album All Day. It's not set to "Get Lucky," but it's incredibly fun and life-affirming. Check out the trailer below.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend