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Back in the nineties—at least judging from the costumes, vehicles, and general graininess of the footage—two boys decided they wanted to spend the day riding bikes. The weather was nice and the road was devoid of cars, but unfortunately, one brother occupied a wheelchair after an accident forced him into multiple leg casts. Check out the brothers’ harebrained solution, below.

In the video, the two boys set up a system where the wheelchair bound boy is attached to the other child’s bike by a rope. The system actually works better than I expected at the start and the two brothers make the most of the experience, even when the kid in the wheelchair gets stuck in the grass and barely clears a sign on the side of the road. That is, until ultimately disaster strikes. I’d highly suggest watching this one until the end.

As noted by the Reddit post that initially brought this video to light, the brothers got up to some bicycle hijinks all the way back in 1993. Don’t worry too hard about it, though, because the guys were supervised by their dad, who happened to be the guy taping the home movie and approved these hijinks. Unfortunately, tying a rope to a child is not the best way to allow him to have fun when he is already seriously injured, but hey, at least the casts were already in place.