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If you were to ask someone whether winning an Academy Award or a Golden Globe is more of an honor, an overwhelming majority of people would tell you the Academy Award is better. If you were to ask them whether winning that Academy Award is a greater honor than winning a Super Bowl ring, however, you would likely get some confusion and ultimately, an answer based more on the person’s individual preference as opposed to a logical analysis.

That’s why figuring out what the greatest honor a human being can possibly achieve is an impossible task. Luckily for YouTube viewers, however, Michael from V Sauce has never been unwilling to try and answer something damn near unanswerable. This week, his newest video asks what that aforementioned premiere honor is, and much to Tracy Jordan’s delight, Micahel does touch on the famed EGOT.

Being honored is far more reliant on circumstance and chance than being an honorable person. All we can do is our best at work and our best in our personal lives to make the world a better and more interesting place. That being said, watching award shows and arguing over who we think should win, even though it’s wildly subjective, will always remain good, clean fun.

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