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J.K. Rowling is asking a simple but sizable favor from Harry Potter fans who see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child before the story becomes available to the masses. The writer, who was involved in developing the stage play that serves as the eighth installment to her beloved and magical series, has requested that fans keep the two-part play's secrets. In other words, don't spoil the good parts. Here's the message she delivered to her fans via a new video this week...
You've been amazing for years, at keeping Harry Potter secrets so you didn't spoil the books for readers who came after you. So, I'm asking you one more time to keep the secrets, and let audiences enjoy Cursed Child with all the surprises that we've built into the story.

And you can check out the video below...
The timing couldn't be more perfect for this message, given that the play will begin showing to the public this week. It's not difficult to understand why J.K. Rowling would be reaching out to fans, nor is it the first time she's brought up her hopes that people will avoid spoiling this play. But, is she expecting the internet to keep its mouth zipped about whatever is revealed in this new installment to the Harry Potter series? Well, J.K. Rowling does point out that the script book will be available for purchase on July 31...

Those who aren't able to make it to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, or who don't want to wait until they are, will have the opportunity to read the story in script form come Harry's birthday. So even those who can't see the play will have the opportunity to indulge in the story through the script.

This whole situation is tricky. Years ago, when a new Harry Potter book was released, fans might have to avoid the internet for a couple of days (or longer) while they read the novel. Those who didn't read the book right away had to tip-toe through a minefield of spoilers, online and off. But at least the book was available to them. In the case of the play, it's only going to be accessible to a relatively small percentage of Harry Potter fans. Fans who can't see the play will either want to hear spoilers, or want to avoid them at all costs. And those who do see the show are surely going to want to talk about it with each other about it. Are fan communities going shut down all Cursed Child spoiler discussion indefinitely? Or is the implied embargo meant to be set at July 31, once the story is accessible to everyone through the script book? After which we revert to proper internet spoiler etiquette (a spoiler warning before any detailed references and discussion)? Perhaps.

I have to admit, I'm kind of curious to see how this all plays out. I'm far more confident in true fans' willingness to keep the lid on spoilers than I am on people looking to troll fans by spreading spoilers (real or made up) around. In the meantime, if the play is as good as the books that precede it, it'll be much more than a series of big reveals.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child begins public previews on June 7. Don't have tickets? All hope isn't lost. Find out how to get last-minute tickets to upcoming showings for great seats at a reasonable price here.

Check out photos of the cast, including Jamie Parker, Poppy Miller and Sam Clement, who play Harry Potter, Ginny Potter and their son Albus respectively...

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