What Major Professional Sports League Has The Best All-Star Weekend?

This weekend, the NBA took a pause from its regular season to celebrate the best of the best, to give the fans a special show and to woo potential sponsors with a young stars game, a celebrities game, a skills competition and an all-star game. To a certain degree, every single professional sports league does something similar, but the specifics of each are different.

Major League Baseball offers a Home Run Derby and allows the winning side to gain home field advantage for the World Series. The National Hockey League has its own skills competition, as well as a schoolyard pick’em format to decide who plays on which team and the National Football League allows its players to select the participants and holds it in Hawaii one week before the Super Bowl.

With the exception of football’s contest, which is widely reviled because of its lack of physical play, each game has numerous defenders and supporters. Personally, I love the NBA’s three point shooting contest, hockey’s breaking plates accuracy and the MLB all-star game itself. As for what weekend I prefer, however, that’s a far more difficult question.

What do you think? What major American sport has the best all-star weekend? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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