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Why Miranda Kerr Might Be Out As A Victoria's Secret Model

Rumors have been abounding over the past couple of days that Miranda Kerr is being let go from the Victoria Secret’s Angels. Kerr is currently under contract as a model for the company, but recent reports have indicated that the top model’s 3-year, $1 million contract will not be renewed.

Outlets like US Weekly and People are stating that Kerr has been difficult to get along with, causing problems on sets and during runway shows. Additionally, the 29–year-old frequently shows up late. All of these might be reasons to fire an employee under normal circumstances, but Kerr happens to be one of the brand’s most well-known faces, which means she should theoretically be extremely valuable to the company, despite any flaws. There has also been speculation that the model is leaving due to contractual issues with Victoria’s Secret.

If Kerr is leaving—and there hasn’t been an official announcement, yet—the Angels model might be stepping down because she cannot commit to the deal the brand requires, which is to work as an Angel for three full months out of the year. According to the NY Post, Kerr may be stepping down as an Angel to pursue other projects since she has become a well-known name, like other Angels, including Heidi Klum. She has already signed deals with the airline Qantas and may be looking to pursue other projects in the future. Fans may still get to see her in Victoria’s Secret ads, even if she quits modeling as an Angel. If she’s making more pocket money elsewhere, I don’t really blame her.

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