The Lil Wayne/ 2 Chainz/ T.I. shared tour crisscrossed the country for more than a month offering nothing but smiles, but over the past week or so, that positivity has all but melted away amidst two negative headlines. First, 2 Chainz and ten other people were arrested inside the rapper’s tour bus following a multi-hour standoff with police officers who allegedly smelled a little pot during a routine traffic stop. Now, a woman has come forward claiming she had her jaw broken after an entourage member suckerpunched her on one of the tour busses.

According to TMZ, the victim told police she was watching the concert when the alleged assailant started chatting her up. He later invited her to check out the tour bus. She agreed but when she arrived with her girlfriend, he was apparently none too pleased. She claims he forced his hand down her shirt and grabbed her boob. When she protested, he allegedly hauled off and punched her right in the face, knocking her down the stairs and breaking her jaw in two places.

The random girl was rushed to the hospital where surgery was quickly performed. Her jaw was wired shut to aid in the recovery process, and she’ll be forced to take all of her food in liquid form over the next six weeks. Later, she headed to the police station and filled out a report documenting the incident. It’s unclear who the entourage member may have been or even which of the rappers he’s associated with. A rep for T.I. has vowed the incident did not happen on his bus, but regardless, police officers are looking into the matter.

There’s nothing acceptable about hitting a woman. Ever. Whether this mystery guy felt led on, felt humiliated or felt anything else, he clearly reacted inappropriately, if he did indeed punch her. It seems like a stretch that she would have broken her jaw falling or doing something else at the concert, but I suppose we will likely find out the full truth in time, whether it be from a police report or a subsequent lawsuit that could potentially be filed.

A whole lot of shadiness happens on most tours. From drinking to drug abuse to casual sex to destroying hotel rooms, the environment can sometimes get really wild, and now and again, that can lead someone to think he’s invincible or free of consequences. More often than not, it can lead people to act like d-bags. This, however, is quite a bit worse than ordinary drunken bullshit. As such, I hope the Oklahoma police do everything within their power to find out exactly what happened and bring the culprit to justice.

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