You Won't Believe How Many People Report UFO Sightings Every Month

Over the weekend, Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena chairman Dave Wood said the study of UFOs might be a thing of the past. Because of declining membership and a perceived lack of interest, he’s pushing for a conference to be held to figure out whether it’s even worth the time anymore. Not surprisingly, his opinion has caused quite an uproar in the UFO enthusiasts community, and if some of the competing organizations are to be believed, the basis for his claim is absolute bullshit.

Speaking to The Examiner, Mutual UFO Network director David MacDonald said his organization, the largest in the world, has averaged more than seven hundred cases a month just in the United States so far this year. That’s right. More than seven hundred people a month are so sure they saw a UFO that they find Mutual UFO Network’s phone number and ask for an investigation.

More than ninety percent of these cases have been investigated and explained via natural phenomena, but MacDonald and others thing the work they’re doing needs to be continued for that extra ten percent. Plus, the fact that they receive so many phone calls a month indicates interest and belief is still there. Those people allegedly need to talk about what they’ve seen with someone.

Based on the outcry related to Wood’s questions, it’s very clear there are enough enthusiasts in the world to support continuing UFO studies. That being said, they would probably be best to pool resources and join forces into a small number of organizations. This would allow a central place for drunk, confused and scared people to call a single number when their neighbor's Christmas lights start acting funny.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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