Sinead O’Connor and Barry Herridge may have decided to give their marriage another shot, but unfortunately, that stick-to-itiveness hasn’t extended to fellow musician Ben Gibbard’s marriage. The thirty-five year old Death Cab For Cutie frontman married actress Zooey Deschanel in 2009. Earlier this year, they separated, but some observers held out hope a reconciliation could be in the works. It looks like that’s not going to happen.

Accoding to People, the Elf star submitted the necessary paperwork to make the divorce happen on December 29th. The documents cite the cause as irreconcilable differences, and the official break-up date as Halloween. What exactly the two may have argued about on such a festive day is anyone’s guess, but holidays have a way of magnifying problems already present in a relationship.

With Zooey’s budding interest in music and his track record as a hitmaker, it seemed like the two did have plenty of common ground to bond over, but sometimes careers on an upward trajectory can leave little time for togetherness. Making a relationship work with normal schedules can be hectic enough. Throw in crazy acting hours and time away touring, and it gets all the more difficult.

Still, it’s with sadness that Pop Blend reports the ending of this marriage. As Hollywood unions go, this one certainly seemed based on love. It really did seem to have the potential to last over the long haul, but apparently, it was not to be.

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