How comfortable are you with computers? Could you use one with your eyes closed? That’s the situation blind people are in all the time, but thanks to some sweet technological advancements, sending emails without vision is actually extremely simple.

Popular YouTube personality Tommy Edison regularly publishes videos explaining how he and other blind people are able to accomplish everyday tasks. As you can see in the above clip, he decided to tackle using computers this week, and thanks to the advanced technology of Apple, the whole thing seems to be an absolute breeze. The company’s Macbook Pros offer a voice over feature in which the computer will literally tell you what you’re scrolling over. Beyond that, it will even read emails to eliminate typing mistakes.

It’s not just Apple’s computers either. Check out this footage of Edison using Facebook on the iPhone 4S…

From drawing to discussing his favorite smells, there’s no topic Edison is unwilling to tackle. He’s willing to have a few laughs at his expense, tread all over what others might consider less than politically correct topics or jokes, and he does it all with a big hearty laugh and a seemingly endless supply of smiles.

Really, that’s the key to life. Everyone has disabilities or handicaps or things they’re not naturally good at. With a positive attitude and a willingness to fight, however, anything can be overcome. Blind people can use computers. Dyslexic people can learn to read, and naturally chubby people can lose weight. It’s all within our grasp. We just need the determination to get there and the mental toughness not to use excuses.

The video below was put together by Edison, as well. It answers the extremely interesting question of how blind people dream without vision. You can take a look at it below…

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