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I pulled this video up earlier today for this article and I'm still not really over it. When I watched this movie I definitely didn't realize it'd be the enormous worldwide hit it became, and I idly wondered about the career prospects for everyone who participated in something so cheesy. I figured all the adult stars like Meryl Streep and Colin Firth would turn out just fine-- though who would have guessed Firth would have an Oscar just two years later?-- but genuinely wondered about the young stars Amanda Seyfried and especially Dominic Cooper. Being a girl Seyfried could pretty easily overcome flouncing around in sequins and a modest one-piece bathing suit, but Cooper seemed doomed to be remembered in his hot-pink jumpsuit any time he tried to play a serious romantic or action lead role.

I was totally wrong, of course-- he's in Captain America and The Devil's Double and seemingly everywhere else-- and I'm glad. But seriously, this video is almost too embarrassing to look at, and I don't care how much money everyone made while doing it. Relive the horror with me.