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Somewhere down the line I did learn that this was happening, but I must have forgotten about it in order not to lose my mind waiting for it. Starting July 25, TeenNick-- a channel I do not subscribe to, but might need to now-- is going to start airing classic 90s Nickelodeon programming after midnight. The teaser, which you can watch below, has clips from everything from All That and Kenan & Kel-- later era, house-produced programming you know they'd promote-- to Salute Your Shorts and Doug. Sticky Stickly even makes a cameo-- the stick figure who hosted their summer programming whose address I can still sing. A lot of these shows aren't even available on DVD at all. I am kind of beside myself.

Over at the Teen Nick blog they've established a "90s are All That" tag, so I'm hoping they'll keep me up to date on when my favorites like Hey Dude and Pete & Pete get added to the lineup. Oh god, what if they bring back Roundhouse? I really, really need to revisit the fashion of Roundhouse. Or seeing Alanis Morrisette on You Can't Do That On Television! Honestly, I know the Transformers movies and all the superheroes get a lot of peoples' nostalgia flowing, but these shows are my childhood. Hey, I'm an American raised on television, it's how these things work.

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