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The Best Clip On Headphones

LETSCOM Wireless Earbuds

Best Sound On The Block
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This set of clip on headphones secured its spot as #1 in the CinemaBlend team's hearts because of its immersive audio. The set uses noise-canceling technology and a wide range of dynamic highs and powerful, piercing lows. Your favorite action movie will be all the more incredible and crisp with these headphones.

With these beauties, you can say sayonara to tinkering with sound on your laptop or tablet mid-screening. We found the easy-to-use control options, including play/pause and volume adjustment, to be very helpful. You can also access Siri or a Virtual Assistant with the click of a button right on the headphones or through Bluetooth technology.

You can fit in eight hours of listening between charges, so you can watch a Star Wars trilogy in one go. Then, between trilogies, charge up for two hours and you're ready for another eight hours of epic action.

The headphones have excellent bass depth and high frequency clarity.

Aside from audio quality, we found that these headphones are great for anyone one-the-go. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, they continue to work great around water or sweat, so you can stream your favorite podcasts while going for your morning run.

We also love that the clip ons are equipped with four ear tips of various sizes. Between movie marathons, you can tuck the set away in a discreet, sleek case.

Key Features

  • CVC 6.0 noise cancelling technology
  • Simple, circular travel case
  • IPX7 Waterproof

Moffo Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Easy To Love
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Moffo's clip on headphones massively channel Deadpool because of their stately red and black design.

As for sound quality, these headphones knock it out of the park. We were pleasantly surprised by the strong bass and crisp treble in such tiny headphones. The audio quality is reliable and solid, plus three different silicone ear tips will fit all ear sizes big or small.

What we really love about this set is that the Bluetooth technology is so strong that the headphones work up to 33 ft from the device you're paired to. This means you can continue listening to Bob's Burgers while you run to grab a snack. There's nothing more annoying than fumbling with disconnecting and then re-connecting devices, which is why we're grateful for Moffo's solution to this problem. Moffo's headphones also use noise suppression technology to block out the outside world.

Charging should only take two hours and you'll know when it's done because of a light indication the headphones are fully charged. Even better, you can display the battery status on any paired iOS devices, which is pretty dang helpful.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity up to 33 ft
  • Quick two-hour charging time
  • CVS 6.0 noise suppression technology

Panasonic Rp-hs46 Slim Clip On Earphones

Classic Clip Ons
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Panasonic's clip on headphones are unique from the others on our list because they don't have earbuds. Instead, they cover the entire ear but still clip around the back for a firm yet comfortable grip. They're not Bluetooth compatible either, but this shouldn't be a problem at all if you're connected to your tablet or computer! Besides, we found that having wired headphones guarantees no audio lag, which is essential when watching TV.

Designed with slim housing and a 30mm driver that delivers powerful, impressive, solid sound, we love the crisp audio quality that didn't cost us a fortune to attain.

The headphones are impressively lightweight since the set weighs just .64 ounces. Plus, with the soft, plush earphones, this will put far less strain on your ears and allow you to focus on what you're watching instead of how you're listening.

The sleek matte exterior with the Panasonic logo is just another thing that enhances our love for the clip ons.

Key Features

  • Wired connectivity as opposed to Bluetooth
  • Soft, plush material against the ears
  • Sleek, matte exterior

Sony MDRAS200 Headphones In White

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Similar to Panasonic's clip ons, Sony's aren't Bluetooth-compatible, but they can still easily plug into your favorite devices for lag-free audio without needing a charge.

With six color options, you can watch your favorite movies in style. We love the timeless white color that looks expensive without actually being so. Plus, the earphones are ergonomically designed to be angled enough to fit all ears comfortably.

We were impressed by how lightweight these headphones were––weighing in at just under 0.5 ounces, this the most lightweight model on our list, which is all the more reason why we love them.

As for audio quality, the earbuds have 13.55 mm high sensitivity drivers for balanced sound. Smooth listening for sure.

Key Features

  • Most lightweight product on list
  • Available in white, black, blue, green, orange, or pink
  • 13.55 mm high sensitivity drivers

Before purchasing clip on headphones, below are a few considerations to keep in mind!

Bluetooth Versus Wired

There are benefits and drawbacks to both types of headphones. Bluetooth technology allows you to move separately from the device the headphones are paired to and you won't get tangled up in wires. This technology is still somewhat new so it's a little more expensive than wired headphones, but not by terribly much. Wired headphones are easy to find and hard to lose, plus you'll never have to worry about accidentally connecting or disconnecting to a device, since setup is as easy as plugging in the headphones.

If you like to have freedom to move and prefer newer technology, we suggest Bluetooth over wired headphones. If you like to stay traditional and use technology that's tried-and-true, then wired might be a better fit.


With over the ear headphones, you can expect the to have a little weight on them since they're usually pretty high-end and have more complex audio systems. With clip on earphones, since they're smaller and more compact, the weight of them matters. The heavier the clip ons, the more likely they will weigh down your ears and eventually cause discomfort the longer you wear them.

The lighter the headphones, the better, especially when it comes to clip ons.


Drivers are what produce sound in the headphones. Drivers are measured in millimeters. The higher the number, the bigger and more powerful the sound is.