Autumn in New York

Richard Gere is amazing! His acting ability, his range, totally unmatched in the film industry. He has proven time and again that he can play anything from a rich playboy (Pretty Woman) to a poor playboy (First Knight). And now, in his latest movie, Autumn in New York, Gere once again test his acting chops by playing a mildy rich playboy.

In Autumn, Richard Gere plays a wealthy playboy who finds true love in the form of Winona Ryder. Evidently they soon after discover she has some sort of fatal illness. Tearjerker moments and true romance ensue. You know the drill.

Personally I think Gere is trying to recapture the magic of Pretty Woman and Ryder is desperately trying to capture the paycheck of Julia Roberts. This is sort of Pretty Woman with cancer.

All in all, its a horrible and pathetic dissapointment. At no moment do you believe in these characters, at no point do you understand their love, nor see anything between them beyond some sort of weird physical attraction. Winonna's character comes off as a total ditz... but Gere treats her like she is some sort of friggin genious.

Will you like this film? Depends. Go into your bathroom and stand in front of the mirror. Good. Now drop your pants. Yes I know it frightens you but it's the only way you'll know. Now are you a man or a woman? If you are a woman, you'll be rushing to video stores this month because I KNOW you THINK will love this movie. Now are you a man? Look carefully please we don't want any mistakes. If so, you will be rushing video stores because I KNOW your girlfriend will force you to see this movie.

For once the pathetic dateless losers are the real winners.

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