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History is replete with epic rivalries. North VS South, Ali VS Fraser... John Goodman VS Pizza. Cats and Dogs is the story of one such epic rivalry and a concept that can't miss with the kids.

Following closely in the vein of Robert Rodriguez recent release "Spy Kids" Cats and Dogs tells the tale of the struggle of dog kind to protect mankind from the evil machinations of cats... and in this case one cat in particular... Mr. Tinkles.

Unlike Spy Kids however, Cats and Dogs attempts to put more of a humorous spin on the spy biz, featuring a Doctor Evil like cat mastermind pitted against slobbering, barking, secret agents. Sadly, C&D lacks consistency and eventually, like so many other modern films, becomes so enamored with special effects that it ends up sacrificing jokes for cool CGI.

But, in evil overlord Mr. Tinkles at least, Cats and Dogs purrs. Combining all the sadistic and evil pontificating of Khan Noonian Sing with the fear inspiring looks of a well bred Persian, Mr. Tinkles manages to bring some much needed funny bone to a film wandering around in a maze of shiny special effects. Is it enough? Perhaps, for those Mr. Tinkles moments are plentiful, even if one is forced to wade through a gallon or two of cute little ninja puppies and dog driven bullet cars.

Dogs may win the war, but it's the cats that save the film.