After Manifest's Final Season Hits Netflix, Another Lost-esque Thriller Is Heading To Streaming With Gina Rodriguez

Even though it’s been 18 years since Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse’s Lost ended its mystery-clogged run after six seasons, the network drama will likely never stop being the go-to comparison every time a new TV project unveils a reality-upending, high-concept plotline, doubly so if that plot’s enigmatic circumstances involve an airplane. (La Brea at least owned up to that with literal Lost references.) The NBC-turned-Netflix thriller Manifest has certainly been proof of that, and after its upcoming final season has come and gone, streaming audiences will be able to look forward to seeing Gina Rodriguez in a similarly troublesome situation for the new project Last Known Position

Amazon Studios is cementing its plans for Prime Video to be the future home for Last Known Position, according to Deadline, so viewers should be able to find it easily even if its central aircraft can’t. Gina Rodriguez is set to take on both a starring role as lead actress, as well as a behind-the-scenes role as executive producer, which is understandable, since she was also a major part of the source material. 

Last Known Position will be the live-action adaptation of the podcast of the same name, which was released in December 2021 through the podcast studio QCode, which also originally produced Gaslit, which was turned into a star-studded TV series by Starz. The story centers on a state-of-the-art American commercial jetliner seemingly vanishing into thin air during a flight across the Pacific. See, it’s not transatlantic, so it’s totally different from Lost.

It sounds like some terror will ensue during the aftermath, as the investigators looking into what they assume is an air crash stumble upon evidence of an unidentified creature deep in the Pacific that could have been responsible for the plane’s disappearance. Sans-sarcasm, Last Known Position could very well set itself apart from shows like Lost and Manifest by introducing the notion of a known threat being responsible for the core mystery, as opposed to frustratingly keeping “What caused this?” as a central question for the entirety of the show’s run. 

Last Known Position’s podcast was created and written by Luke Passmore, who penned the script for Joe Manganiello’s 2020 actioner Archenemy, as well as some Walking Dead webisodes and an ep of Teen Wolf, among other projects. Passmore is also attached to the TV series to adapt the story as writer, as well as an executive producer. The podcast was directed by John Wynn, whose most recent film, 2019’s The Rising Hawk, co-starred Sons of Anarchy vets Tommy Flanagan and Robert Patrick.

Beyond Gina Rodriguez, the podcast also boasted such cast members as Pennyworth’s James Purefoy, Nine Perfect Strangers’ Manny Jacinto, See’s Olivia Cheng, The Last Exorcism films’ Ashley Bell, Mayans M.C.’s JR Bourne, and more. It’s unclear at this point if any of those stars will be reprising their roles for Prime Video’s series, but it’s certainly possible. (Though Mayans M.C.’s Season 4 finale made it appear as if Bourne will be returning in full if Season 5 happens.) 

With Jane the Virgin as her breakthrough series, Gina Rodriguez certainly hasn’t been resting on her laurels since that series wrapped up in 2019. On a voice-acting front, she’s portrayed such iconic characters as Carmen Sandiego, DC’s Barbara Gordon, and Scoob!’s Daphne. And by way of live-action, she starred in Netflix’s sleep-fueled thriller Awake, co-starred again with Manny Jacinto for Prime Video’s revenge rom-com I Want You Back

We’ll have to wait and see how Last Known Position’s TV ending compares to Lost’s endlessly polarizing final episode, and we’ll also have to wait to learn when the new project will be making its debut for everyone with Amazon Prime subscriptions

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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