Manifest Season 4 Finally Unveils First Footage From Netflix, With Michaela Making A Mysterious Discovery

Michaela sitting in beach chair on Manifest
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Glory be, Manifest fans, it has been as wild a year as can be, right? The former NBC drama’s third season took the Calling storyline up a notch (or 437 notches, to be more specific) with its Biblical connections, with twists galore for major characters in the end, just in time for the network to cancel the bonkers sci-fi-ish drama. Thankfully, Netflix eventually stepped in to save the show with a Season 4 renewal, with potentially more to come. Now, we have our first big look at new Season 4 footage, and wouldn’t you know it? It involves Michaela stumbling across something freaky, mysterious, and no doubt important for the show’s immediate future.

As part of the streaming service’s Geeked Week promotion, Netflix released an extended episode clip from what we can only assume is the Season 4 premiere. Check it out below!

The clip stars with Melissa Roxburgh’s Michaela arriving at a shipping yard, making it abundantly clear that the major death and all the other unexplainable shit that went down in Season 3 haven’t kept her away from investigating things in areas where she probably isn’t all that welcome. But then there’s no sneaking-around problem that can’t be solved by an NYPD hat and an orange vest, amirite? 

Michaela soon finds what she’s looking for in the form of a ship marked with a pair of pink cherry blossoms on either side of Japanese characters. Not that her search stopped there, with Michaela soon making her way through an assortment of shipping containers in order to find one with the same cherry blossoms painted on. Thankfully, it doesn’t take her too long to come across it, and even more thankfully, it isn’t locked at all, so she’s able to get right in.

It’s not at all clear what Michaela was actually looking for, but it’s not long before something, or someone, finds her. After seeing some garbage indicating a stowaway was nearby, said stowaway reached out from the darkness and grabbed her. And wouldn’t you know it, it appears to be a Japanese guy who has “Stone” and “828” scratched into one of his bruised arms. In all of my life, I’ve never seen someone with “Stone” and “828” carved into their skin and it WASN’T a huge deal, so expect for this discovery to quickly shake things up. 

Manifest has yet to lock down a Season 4 release date for those with Netflix subscriptions, but I have a feeling fans are going to hear something more substantial in the near future. Or maybe that feeling is supposed to mean a volcano is about to erupt beneath the White House. However it goes, our 2022 TV premiere schedule will keep you updated on what’s coming soon as we wait for more of creator Jeff Rake’s signature chaos.

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