Netflix's You: Why One Star Kinda Wanted Their Character To Die In Season 3

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers about who lives and who dies in Season 3 of You. Proceed with caution if you haven’t finished your binge.

When You returned to Netflix for Season 3 with not one but two murderers sharing the screen, I went from thinking, “Everybody here is facing a certain level of danger,” to, “Oh my God, they’re all for sure going to die.” So while Joe and Love Quinn-Goldberg definitely continued to do what was necessary to protect the suburbian life they were creating for their son, it was definitely a surprise to see some of Season 3’s other main characters face off against the deadly duo and still escape with their lives intact.

Chief among the Season 3 survivors was the picture-perfect power couple Sherry and Cary Conrad, played by the fabulous Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle, respectively. The couple found themselves locked in Joe and Love’s cage after they overheard Love confess to neighbor Natalie’s murder. But with Joe and Love otherwise distracted, the Conrads were eventually able to escape, while also improving their marriage, to boot. But that wasn’t the ending Grant had imagined for character, she told TV Line, and frankly, Grant implied she was a little disappointed at first.

When I found out we were going to survive, I was like, ‘God damn it!’ I’ve never died on camera, and I was practicing how I was going to die. But when we got into the thick of it — once we got to Episode 6 or 7 — I was like, ‘Of course these people are going to survive!’ These are two people who know they’re going to succeed in life. I also thought it was very poetic that while they survived this dehumanizing situation, the house of Love had to burn down.

When I envision Shalita Grant practicing how to die on-screen, I can’t help but picture her character in Search Party rehearsing her opening statement as Dory’s defense attorney Cassidy Diamond. The world needs more of this, please, Shalita Grant:

Although Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle didn’t get to die on this season of You, Sherry and Cary made out like bandits. Being isolated in the cage together forced the couple to get real with each other, as the tension pushed them beyond their healthy communication therapy tactics. Sure, they did shoot each other, but neither of them meant to actually do great harm, and wouldn’t you know, the Conrads came out of the cage an even more optimized couple than before. 

After the demise of Love and Joe, the Conrads even released a book: Caged: A Radical Couple’s Therapy Technique. Viewers have likely seen the last of Sherry and Cary Conrad, as Joe Goldberg moved on from Madre Linda and appeared to be searching for his love Marienne at the end of Season 3. But with the Conrads still alive, anything could happen! 

You has been renewed for a fourth season, with the first three seasons available to stream on Netflix. You can also check out this list of Netflix TV premiere dates, as well as the best shows to binge watch on Netflix

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