You Season 3: 7 Questions We Have Going Into Season 4

Penn Badgley in You Season 3
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Warning: Spoilers about You Season 3 ahead. Stop now if you want to live spoiler-free

You Season 3 ended with a bang. It nicely wrapped up the story for Joe (Penn Badgley), Love (Victoria Pedretti), and the rest of the Madre Linda residents. You Season 3 left the door wide open to take Joe in a brand new direction in You Season 4. As complete as the Netflix TV series wrapped up things for the characters, we still have so many questions. 

You Season 3 was perfectly paced, and expertly balanced comedy and drama, with excellent music choices. Pedretti and Badgley gave a masterclass on how to create a toxic couple that you root against and for all at the same time. You Season 3 made us ecstatic to know that Netflix already has You Season 4 in the works. As we wait for the upcoming season, let’s examine the questions we still have going into You Season 4. 

Tati Gabrielle and Penn Badgley in You

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Will Joe Reunite With Marienne In You Season 4?

Joe ended You Season 3 with a new goal and mission: find Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). Obviously, Joe hopes for a happy reunion where he can create a new family with Marienne and her daughter. However, I don’t believe this reunion, if it happens, is going to go as Joe expects. Joe moved to Paris in search of Marienne and at the end of the episode, declared he would travel the world to find her, if necessary. 

The fake suicide note Joe wrote for Love made him seem like just as much of a victim of her as say Theo (Dylan Arnold). However, before Marienne left, she had a talk with Love and that talk seemed to make it click in her head that Joe is toxic. There is a chance that Marienne could be relieved to see that Joe is alive and completely believe it was all Love’s doing. However, I am not convinced that Joe will reunite with Marienne in You Season 4. We’ll have to see when the next You cast is announced, and if Gabrielle’s name is mentioned again as a series regular. I believe, and hope, that Marienne may be one of the few women to escape Joe by never seeing him again. 

Penn Badgley in You Season 3

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Is You Season 4 Going To Be Set In Paris?

You Season 3 ended with Joe, now going by Nick (possible Gone Girl reference?), in Paris looking for Marienne. This logically seems to mean that Joe will spend next season in Paris, but not necessarily. He also mentioned traveling the world to find Marienne. You Season 4 could start with Joe in Paris, or him in a new location following a lead on Marienne.

It's probably fair to assume that he’s not likely going to return to New York, Los Angeles, or Madre Linda. He has way too many bodies in those locations. Joe may just have to become an international serial killer in You Season 4, or head to the midwest. 

Victoria Pedretti in You Season 3

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Was The You Season 3 Finale The Last We See Of Love?

Joe finally closed the chapter on his marriage to Love the only way possible: with murder. Everything in the finale pointed to Love being dead-dead, so I think she’s dead. However, Joe thought Candice (Ambyr Childers) was dead, then she came back to haunt him. I believe this won’t be a Candice situation, but I could see Love’s ghost starting to haunt Joe as maybe his subconscious and sanity start to tick away at him a little more. 

Personally, I would love to see Victoria Pedretti make another appearance. I know Love had to die, but I was sad to see her go because Pedretti was magnificent as the character. 

Ben Mehl and Noel Arthur in You Season 3

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Will We Get Updates On Henry In You Season 4?

Joe finally made a good decision and left Henry with Dante (Ben Mehl) and Lansing (Noel Arthur). Joe also notes that he left Henry a letter that he can read when he’s older and possibly find him. Semi-spoiler about the third You book, You Love Me, Joe spends most of the book away from his son, called Forty in the book, but he keeps tabs on him by following Love on Instagram.

I think the series may take a similar route by having Joe use social media, in secret, to monitor how Dante and Lansing are raising Henry.

Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle in You on Netflix

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Will Any of The You Season 3 Cast Make An Appearance In You Season 4?

A lot of characters died in You Season 3, but even more managed to live, and escape Joe and Love. Joe has left quite a few characters alive through the course of the show’s three seasons, especially characters who could potentially bring him down. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the You Season 3 characters randomly comes across Joe again.

Can’t you just see Cary (Travis Van Winkle) and Sherry (Shalita Grant) running into Joe while promoting a new book in Paris? Or even Theo doing a year abroad and finding Joe? I just don’t quite think all the Madre Linda characters will never be seen again. 

Penn Badgley in Netflix's You

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Will Joe Goldberg Ever Be Punished For His Crimes?

Because Joe has killed so many people across multiple states, there has to be someone out there who is wondering if he’s really dead and looking into all the bodies that he has left behind. Neither the books nor the show has a foil trying to take down Joe. I think it’s time both (or at least the show) create a character who is trying to stop Joe.

We need Joe to face a new obstacle that isn’t just a new obsession. Joe needs his own Clarice Starling or Will Graham.

Magda Apanowicz in You Season 3

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Will Joe’s Family Make An Appearance In You Season 4?

One of the major reveals of You Season 3 is that it seems like Joe’s mother (Magda Apanowicz) got her life together. It even seemed like she had a new son, either Joe’s step brother or half brother. I hope that You Season 4 explores more of what happened to Joe’s mother. Does she have a completely new family? Does Joe have more siblings? 

I would like to see a deeper dive into Joe’s family tree. He made some breakthroughs with his therapy sessions with Love, so maybe You Season 4 could show Joe seeking out his birth mother and her family. Maybe You Season 4 could even make his possible brother Jacob the one trying to take Joe down. 

We likely have to wait at least a year to see You Season 4 but the series is one of the best shows to binge watch on Netflix, so you can always rewatch all three You seasons as you wait for the new one. Also, R.I.P Love Quinn Goldberg. 

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