True Story: 10 Other Shows To Watch If You Liked The Kevin Hart Series

Kevin Hart laying on Wesley Snipes true story
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Netflix has recently been dropping hits daily, with major winners like the show Squid Game, or popular movies like Red Notice. One of their latest miniseries, True Story,  stars comedian Kevin Hart. In this dramatic thriller, Hart plays Kid, a well-known comedian who is back in town and reunites with his brother. But, when one scandalous night turns into something far more dangerous than anyone expected, it’s up to Kid, his brother, and everyone else to clean it up - before it all gets even worse. 

Kevin Hart uses True Story to further show that he is far more than just his hilarious movies, which is why a miniseries like that is so easy to binge. Now that you’re done watching, you might be wondering what else is out there that's similarly entertaining. Look no further, because we've got some great picks here. 

Jasmine Cephas Jones in Blindspotting.

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Starz's Blindspotting, from Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, is based on the movie of the same name, and follows its lead, Ashley. When her husband, Miles, is thrown into jail, Ashley has to now learn to live as a single-mother, raising her young son now that his father is gone. What makes it worse is that she has to move in with Miles’ family, including his mother and half-sister, due to economic problems. 

When I first watched this series, I was a bit nervous, because I didn’t know if it would live up to the original movie. But, I’m glad to say that Blindspotting is an excellent piece of television that was rightly deserving of a Season 2. Jasmine Cephas Jones is brilliant in the lead role, and such a fun protagonist to follow, and for fans of True Story, Ashley is the perfect character that defines “when life gives you lemons, try and make lemonade,” as she attempts to get her family out of a rough situation. 

Stream Blindspotting on Starz.

The cast of Yellowjackets.

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This new Showtime series has been making headlines for how awesome it is. Yellowjackets is a thriller that follows the story of a girl’s soccer team. As they are traveling over Canada to get to a tournament, their plane crashes, and now they must learn to survive in the wilderness for several months. While there, they descend into madness, turning to cannibalism and creating clans, until they are saved. Now, in 2021, they reflect on their time back then as adults - while also facing new problems right around the corner. 

Dude. Yellowjackets is so good. Like, ridiculously good. For fans of True Story, you’ll absolutely love the drama and the thriller moments that will pull you in right from the start, making you want to keep watching. The Yellowjackets cast is so talented (not only the young actresses, but their older counterparts), and truly create a wild story. Trust me, this is a new show you have to watch. 

Stream Yellowjackets on Showtime.

Jared Harris in Chernobyl.

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This show won several awards when it first aired. Chernobyl is about the Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine. This tale chronicles the people who tried to stop the spread of radiation to other parts of the country, including the brave souls that sacrificed themselves in order to do so.

Chernobyl is a TV show, so you have to expect that it’ll take some artistic liberties when it comes to how true to actual events it is, but for the most part, the series tells a haunting story of a disaster and people trying to stop it from hurting everyone else -  like what Kevin Hart’s character, Kid, does in True Story, albeit on a much smaller scale. Even so, this is a drama that you don’t want to miss, and will be interested in from the very beginning. Truly one of HBO’s best shows. 

Stream Chernobyl on HBO Max.

Joe and Love in their house in You.

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Oh, You. This Netflix series is the perfect thriller to start watching now. Joe Goldberg is a seemingly ordinary man, unless it comes to love. When he falls in love with you, he will do anything to get to you, including murder those who he thinks are bad for you. But, it’s all in the name of love, right? It’s all to protect you, right? 

God, You is such a trip. For fans of True Story, this is the perfect show to watch because not only does it have a surprisingly likable lead character in Penn Badgley, but the story just doesn’t stop with the twists and turns, just like Kevin Hart’s miniseries. From one love interest to the next, Joe just doesn’t stop trying to fight for love - especially if he feels he’s a better person for doing some of the horrible things he does. He’s a complex character - and one that you’ll definitely learn to appreciate should you watch it. Just don’t let him fall in love with you next. 

Stream You on Netflix.

Nicole Kidman in Nine Perfect Strangers

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Nine Perfect Strangers 

Sometimes, it’s probably best to not trust these strange restorative retreats. Nine Perfect Strangers, based on the novel of the same name, follows several people who are residing at a 10-day restorative retreat to somehow come to terms with their past and move on with their lives. But, over time, they start to learn the dark secrets behind this place - and the bloody past of the woman who runs it. 

Nine Perfect Strangers is an amazing series from start to finish. Like True Story, you’ll be captivated by its characters' personalities and stories, and their meaningful relationships, from start to finish. What really makes this stand out above the rest is Nicole Kidman. She is the absolute star of this and acts her ass off, creating a character that not only feels unsettling, but who you end up feeling bad for near the end. I won’t reveal much, but it’s so good. 

Stream Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu.

Bryan Cranston as Walter Whit on Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad

I mean, if you’re into dramas, this is the series to watch. Breaking Bad follows high school chemistry teacher Walter White, but when White finds out that he has cancer, he takes it upon himself to try and get money for his family so they will be settled after he dies. How does he do that? By making and distributing meth. 

Breaking Bad is known to be one of the best dramas for it’s brilliant character arcs, amazing scenery, fantastic acting - I mean, the Breaking Bad cast is just stunningly awesome in everything they do. For fans of True Story, this series will capture your attention instantly for its protagonist, one that you’ll feel for as he is forced to do certain things to try and keep his family safe. Both Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are amazing, and gave us a five-season story that is worth watching over and over again. 

Stream Breaking Bad on Netflix.

Adrian Grenier in Clickbait.

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Another popular Netflix miniseries, Clickbait feels like something that could happen nowadays. It follows the story of Nick, a normal man, at least from the outside, who doesn’t look like he could hurt a fly. However, one day he is kidnapped and forced to hold signs in front of him during a video, saying that when it reaches five million views, he will be killed. Now, it’s up to his family and friends to try and find him - and figure out what on earth he could have done to deserve this. 

Clickbait is such a great miniseries to watch after True Story. Nick sort of reminds me of Kid’s brother, Carlton, as he looks like a totally normal man out the outside, but he has his own dark secrets and past that if exposed, could get him killed. Trust me, this is one that you don’t want to miss, and one that you’ll love from beginning to end. 

Stream Clickbait on Netflix.

Richard Madden in Bodyguard.

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If you’re looking for another dramatic miniseries, be sure to check out Bodyguard. Starring Richard Madden, the thriller tells the story of a war veteran, hardened by putting his life on the line, who has retired from the army. He now works as a bodyguard through the police department in London, but, this job ends up turning into something a lot more deadly when he's assigned to protect a power-hungry politician. 

Bodyguard is a thrilling story from beginning to end. Madden (who had a major role in the Eternals cast) is particularly amazing in the lead, truly making you want to root for this poor guy suffering from PTSD. What really makes this such a good show for True Story fans to watch is the twists that it takes, and only in six episodes. It’s amazing how condensed it is, yet the story is so enthralling. 

Stream Bodyguard on Netflix.

Bryan Cranston in Your Honor.

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Your Honor 

Your Honor, which has already been ordered for Season 2, follows Bryan Cranston’s character, a judge. When his son accidentally kills the child of a mafia boss, his father has to choose between the law and keeping his family safe from harm, and of course, he ends up choosing his family, having to do dastardly deeds to somehow save his son.

Your Honor is entertaining from the very first episode. Bryan Cranston is always a win with his brilliant performances, but what really sells it for me are the interactions that he has with his son. He truly shows that fear that a father would have, as well as the conflicts with his morals, because he is a judge. Fans of True Story will see that Cranston’s character is like a parallel to Hart’s, as he would do anything to try and protect his family. 

Stream Your Honor on Showtime.

kaley cuoco the flight attendant season 1 hbo max screenshot

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The Flight Attendant

Last but not least, we have The Flight Attendant. This HBO Max original series follows Kaley Cuoco’s character, a flight attendant who is a bit of a mess regarding alcohol and other issues. One day, she wakes up in the bed of a dead man, blood everywhere, unaware of what happened the night before. Now, she has to retrace her steps to see who did it - or if she possibly did it. 

After witnessing Kaley Cuoco as part of The Big Bang Theory cast for so long, it was hard for me to imagine her in something other than a comedy, but she rocks it in The Flight Attendant. True Story fans will love that this dramedy/mystery certainly exemplifies the idea that “one night can change your whole life.” That’s what happens to Hart’s character, and that’s what happens to Cucoco’s character, as well. With a great performance from its lead, The Flight Attendant is a worthy of a binge. 

Stream The Flight Attendant on HBO Max.

True Story was certainly a welcome addition to Netflix’s seemingly never ending repertoire of shows to watch. And, hopefully now, you might have just found a new show to binge afterwards.  

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