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The Best HBO Max Original Shows To Stream (So Far)

Kaley Cuoco in _The Flight Attendant._

Selena Gomez in Selena + Chef on HBO Max.

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In the age of streaming services, there have been plenty that have popped up with some awesome new series, such as Hulu’s original shows or Netflix’s TV series, like The Witcher, and Bridgerton. But, one streaming service that also has a great selection with amazing original TV series, is HBO Max.

From the rebooted Gossip Girl to The Flight Attendant, HBO Max has been coming out with all sorts of shows that people of all ages will enjoy, from dramas to comedies to reality shows. If you’re looking for your next show to binge, check out these ten great HBO Max original shows.

Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant on HBO Max.

The Flight Attendant

In The Flight Attendant, stars Kaley Cuoco as a reckless flight attendant who has an alcohol problem and ends up waking up next to her dead one night stand. Now, she has to somehow retrace her steps to try and find the person responsible - wondering if somehow, she could be the killer.

First off, Kaley Cuoco is fantastic in this series. While I know everyone knows her for her comedic skills on The Big Bang Theory, she genuinely shines in The Flight Attendant and shows off her ability to act in dramatic ways as well. Secondly, the murder mystery of this show really captures you and draws you in like no other. It’s such a classic find-the-real-killer premise, but one that The Flight Attendant does well.

Stream The Flight Attendant on HBO Max.

Anna Kendrick in Love Life on HBO Max.

Love Life

Love Life is an anthology series on HBO Max, where each season, we follow a new character in their quest to try and find the one, from their first date to their last date.

What I adore about Love Life is their exploration into modern love. While there’s plenty of comedy involved, there are some serious moments that talk about the complexities of dating in the 21st century, as well as how long it can take to find that right person. The first season stars Anna Kendrick, and a second season is already on the way with a new character and a new love story to tell, so now would be the perfect time to watch.

Stream Love Life on HBO Max.

The main two characters of Hacks on HBO Max.


In this comedy series, Hacks tells the story of a legendary Las Vegas comedian, Deborah Vance, who has to team up with Ava, a Gen Z comedy writer who has been canceled over an insensitive tweet. The two are reluctant to work together, but must, so that Vance can freshen up her material and keep her job.

Let me just say that Jean Smart in Hacks is wonderful and her comedic timing is excellent. Plus, the chemistry that blossoms between her and Hanna Einbinder, who plays Ava, makes this show so enjoyable to watch. The generational difference between the two characters only adds to this comedy and makes it watchable for anyone.

Stream Hacks on HBO Max.

Hazel in Made for Love on HBO Max.

Made For Love

Dark comedy Made for Love is based on the novel of the same name, and follows a woman who escapes from a horrible decade-long marriage, only to find out that her husband is tracking her through a device she was fitted with, implanted in her brain, tracking her every move, and even her “emotional data.”

Starring Cristin Milioti as Hazel, she is perfect for for the role and carries this whole series, with an awesome cast behind her. While the show is a dark comedy with plenty of moments that will have you snorting laughter, there’s also this emotional aspect, especially about abusive relationships, that makes this show stand out above the rest. Even the idea of someone tracking your own emotions - now that makes me want to shiver, but also intrigued to learn more.

Stream Made for Love on HBO Max.

Two of the main characters in Raised by Wolves on HBO Max.

Raised By Wolves

Already renewed for a Season 2, Raised by Wolves was one of HBO Max’s first original series. This sci-fi drama series is about two androids, adequately named Mother and Father, who are tasked with raising human children on Kepler 22B, because Earth was destroyed by a great war.

I am always down for a sort of post-apocalyptic storyline, and Raised by Wolves does it amazingly. Not only is the science fiction aspect very well-done - the effects on this show are off the charts - but the story itself is engrossing, with so much detail. It’ll captivate you like no other, especially knowing we live in a world where androids do exist. Science fiction lovers will get a kick out of this show.

Stream Raised by Wolves on HBO Max.

Selena Gomez on Selena + Chef on HBO Max.

Selena + Chef

In this reality cooking show, Selena + Chef, pop star and actress Selena Gomez receives help from famous chefs across the world to try and learn how to cook from her own home.

Look, I absolutely love to cook, so I might be a little biased on this one, but I do think that this cooking show is adorable. The natural charisma that Selena Gomez has with not only the chefs she cooks with but the audience as well will help anyone learn. It’s also very informative, as the chefs give her step-by-step instructions for her cooking lessons, so you too, at home, could try to cook more as well. I made Roy Choi’s dish from his episode with Selena - it was actually amazing.

Stream Selena + Chef on HBO Max.

The main group of the new Gossip Girl reboot on HBO Max.

Gossip Girl

Rebooted from the original Gossip Girl on the CW, the new Gossip Girl takes place nearly a decade after the conclusion of the original show, with a new group of Manhattan private schoolers now under the watchful eye of a new Gossip Girl, while also showing how far New York City has come since the original show, including the impact of social media.

While I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the original Gossip Girl cast, the new version does a good job with the story they are given. With plenty of drama and high school shenanigans that you would expect from a show like this, for fans of the original series, it’s definitely worth a watch if you haven’t given it a shot yet.

Stream Gossip Girl on HBO Max.

Rosanna Pansino in Baketopia on HBO Max.


In this cooking competition, Baketopia, hosted by YouTube baking sensation Rosanna Pansino, several high-level bakers compete to see who can build the best dessert out of all of them to win a cash prize of $10,000 and a trophy to take home.

Like I said before, cooking and baking is kind of my passion on the side, but Baketopia is a lot of fun and really enjoyable to watch if you love these kinds of cooking shows. Rosanna Pansino is warm and a great host with a natural smile that will make you smile, and some of these creations that the bakers come up with are truly off the charts outstanding. You’ll be sitting in awe wondering how, under such small time constraints, they can make some of these amazing pastries.

Stream Baketopia on HBO Max.

Some of the main cast of Generation on HBO Max.


In Generation (stylized as Genera+ion), the viewers follow a group of high school students in Orange County, California, who are exploring their sexuality in the modern world of technology and social media, testing their own values on life, love, and family while living in a very conservative community.

I always love to watch teen comedies and teen dramas, but I don’t think any of them quite hit the mark as much as Generation does. It really does an exceptional job of explaining just how the current generation feels about the world they are growing up in, and the constant struggles they face on a daily basis, with families that might not be the most accepting of who they are. The love stories are sweet yet serious, and the ensemble cast works together incredibly well.

Stream Generation on HBO Max.

Some of the footage from A World of Calm on HBO Max.

A World Of Calm

A World of Calm is an immersive journey that takes you through several different stories from our planet, and to the outer reaches of the Universe. I know that this premise sounds wacky as heck, but I’ll summarize it for you - if you ever dreamed about Keanu Reeves reading you a soothing bedtime story (like on the Calm app, which this show is based on), then you get that here.

Each A World of Calm episode tells a story that will have you more relaxed than ever before, with amazing music and footage that is to die for, while listening to some of your favorite actors narrate. Others include Kate Winslet, Oscar Isaac, Nicole Kidman and many others. I know it sounds a bit strange, but you won’t regret checking this one out on a day where you just need to feel...calm.

Stream A World of Calm on HBO Max.

With all these amazing shows, I’m going to need to check the 2021 fall TV schedule to see if any of them are premiering anytime soon. Regardless, at least now you have an idea of some of the awesome shows HBO Max has to offer so far - and hopefully, we’ll get to add on even more in the future.

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