George Clooney Admits His Kid Roasted Him After Finding Out His Dad Was Once Batman

George Clooney is known in Hollywood as something of a prankster and a joker, and it appears the apple doesn’t fall too far from the free. The actor recently spoke about a time his own son completely roasted him regarding his previous stint playing Batman on the big screen.

George Clooney and his wife Amal appeared on CBS Mornings to talk about their lives and relationship and Clooney told a story about a conversation he had previously had with his son Alexander. It seems Alexander is, like many kids, a big fan of Batman, but he is thoroughly unimpressed by the fact that his own father was once the caped crusader. According to Clooney…

Alexander’s favorite superhero is Batman. You know? I go, ‘What’s your favorite superhero?’ He goes, you know, ‘Batman.’ And I go, ‘You know, I was Batman.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah but not anymore.’ If only he knew how true that was.

Clooney’s son is only five-years-old but the kid has certainly learned how to give his dad a hard time. He’s apparently aware that his dad was Batman, which most kids might think was pretty awesome, but this one is using the fact as an excuse to laugh at his dad. Kids.

While the fact that George Clooney once played Batman certainly isn’t going to be something that anybody ever really forgets, the actor is certainly as far away from those days as he’s ever been. 25 years have passed since Batman & Robin came out, and the movie’s biggest legacy is that it ended the existing franchise for a time, which isn’t exactly how he likely wanted to be remembered. Still, Clooney credits the movie for helping him learn to focus on better scripts.

On top of that, three other actors have played Batman in a half dozen movies since then, so if the five-year-old is aware of the more recent films, he knows that they don’t star his father. And the next time we see Batman on the big screen, it’s actually going to be Michael Keaton returning to the role. Clooney has said that nobody asked him to play Batman again…so yeah, he’s about as far from the role as anybody who has ever played it can be. 

George Clooney has often made jokes at his own expense about his time under the cowl. Fans certainly didn’t embrace his version of the character. Having said that, it’s hard to argue that he didn’t do a pretty great job with the movie he was given. Fans may not have wanted a light-hearted, fun Batman movie, but Clooney did what he was expected to do, even if he continues to claim he was a terrible Batman. And honestly, there are probably a lot of five-year-old kids who would actually love his Batman movie more than most of the others. 

Dirk Libbey
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