Marvel's Werewolf By Night Was Awesome, But I Still Have Some Questions

Gael Garcia Bernal in Werewolf By Night
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Spoilers for Marvel Studios’ Werewolf by Night lie ahead, so read at your own risk.

Werewolf by Night marks a dark and creepy transition for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The recently released special (which is streamable with a Disney+ subscription) steers away from the world of superheroes and drops viewers into the lives of the lycanthropic Jack Russell and monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone. All in all, the nearly hour-long program amounts to a good time, and the MCU Halloween special has even earned strong reviews from critics. But as awesome as I thought it was, I had a number of questions by the time the credits began to roll.

In fairness, it’s not too surprising that some would be left in need of answers by the end of Michael Giachinno’s phenomenal holiday special. After all, this is a Marvel production, and things aren’t always left tied up in a nice bow by the end of a given story. But the unique nature of this project in relation to the rest of the MCU makes things even more unclear. So without further ado, let me lay out some of the queries I have after watching Werewolf By Night

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Where Does Werewolf By Night Take Place In The MCU Timeline?

It’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint just when a TV show or movie takes place in the extensive MCU timeline, and that’s definitely the case with Werewolf. One of the reasons it’s so difficult to place the special time-wise is that it’s so closed off from the greater cinematic universe. Unlike She-Hulk or Loki, the show has no familiar characters or events that would help one connect the dots regarding its exact standing. Also, Michael Giachinno and co. employ a black-and-white motif and other elements that make one question whether this is a present-day story. One could easily peg it for the early 1900s based on its look alone. Of course, there’s a good chance this is a contemporary monster tale, as it would allow Marvel the opportunity to have these new characters meet some of the franchise’s biggest figures.

Gael Garcia Bernal and Man-Thing on Werewolf by Night

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How Did Jack Russell And Man-Thing Meet In The First Place?

One of the sweetest aspects of the special is the relationship between Jack Russell and the imposing Man-Thing, who found himself kidnapped and targeted by monster hunters. The ending of Werewolf by Night, which shows the now-freed friends shooting the breeze, indicates that they’ve known each other for some time. But how exactly did the wolfman become so tight with the empathic, green creature? Maybe the two became acquainted while the swamp monster was still his human alter ego, Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis. Or maybe, at some point, Jack was sent to hunt Ted and ultimately ended up befriending him. There are a number of possible ways that they could’ve met but, whatever the case may be, I’m glad that we now have yet another sweet MCU bromance.

Laura Donnelly in Werewolf By Night.

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Does Elsa Have Other Relatives That Could Try To Claim The Bloodstone?

Elsa Bloodstone was engaged in an intense familial struggle with her stepmother, Verussa, over the Bloodstone, but could another battle or two be on the way? Those who’ve followed Elsa in the comics probably know that she has siblings – one being her younger brother, Cullen. (The young man is sometimes portrayed as an unpredictable individual, with a monstrous side.) They also have a paternal half-sister Lyra, who was cast out into the cosmos by their father, Ulysses years before they were born. The MCU production doesn’t explicitly confirm that Elsa is an only child, so there’s always the chance that Cullen and Lyra exist in this continuity. And if they do, Marvel Studios could opt to give the trio a more contentious relationship, as Elsa’s sister and brother could attempt to take the powerful family stone from her. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Gael Garcia Bernal in Werewolf by Night

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How Do The Characters Of Werewolf By Night Come Into Contact With The Larger MCU?

This is probably the most common question that most fans have at this point. As mentioned, the “Marvel Studios Special Presentation” was a standalone story that barely featured any nods to the universe in which it takes place. So one can’t help but wonder how Jack, Elsa and Ted might meet folks like Sam Wilson, Carol Danvers or Nick Fury. A project centered on the Midnight Sons (a group of supernatural Marvel heroes) would be a prime way for them to meet other major characters. Moon Knight – who also doesn’t have many links to other MCU bigwigs – and Blade are among the members. But again, Marvel could have something totally different mapped out for these newly introduced heroes. 

One thing I know for sure right now is that I want to see more of these characters at some point. There’s so much to know about Werewolf by Night, Elsa Bloodstone and Man-Thing, and the approach that the MCU has taken with horror thus far is solid. There’s reason to be optimistic, as the special’s EP, Brian Gay, told CinemaBlend that monsters are going to be big in the cinemtic universe moving forward. And as that all unfolds, I hope that I can get the answers to my burning questions.

Werewolf by Night is now available to stream and, after you check it out, do yourself a favor and take a look at CinemaBlend’s schedule of upcoming Marvel TV shows.

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