Vin Diesel Drops Cute Baby Groot Post, Then Casually Mentions Another Possible Marvel Project

Groot on Disney+'s I Am Groot
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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued to expand, the franchise has created some unlikely movie stars. Top among them may be Groot, the Guardians of the Galaxy member who only ever speaks three words, but has remained a popular character through all his various iterations. Vin Diesel is now teasing what may be coming next for Groot after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Could Groot really get his own movie?

Groot recently became a star on Disney+ through a series of CGI animated shorts called I Am Groot. They are fun little films that are appropriate for all ages, not just those that binge watch the Marvel movies in order in a weekend. They are apparently a hit with Vin Diesel’s young niece, as the actor mentions this on Instagram while giving a little shoutout to Kristin Lepore who wrote and directed them. However, he also drops a hint of what might be in Groot’s future as he says Marvel Studios is interested in making a Planet X movie. 

We know that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will mark the end of this version of the intergalactic team. However, that doesn’t mean that the characters in the franchise won’t continue to be part of the MCU in other ways. If we take Vin Diesel at his word, it sounds like there have at least been conversations with the voice of Groot about where Groot might be going. This Planet X movie doesn’t appear to be ready to add to the list of upcoming Marvel movies quite yet, but it may be a possibility.

Planet X is Groot’s home world in the comics, so a Planet X film could be an origin story movie for Groot, or it could see the character return home following whatever happens to him in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. There has been talk in the past about seeing Rocket and Groot get their own MCU story, and perhaps this Planet X movie could be that, with the two friends going to Groot’s home and finding a world in need of their help.

It’s certainly possible Vin Diesel is just having some fun with this idea. Maybe he floated it by the folks at Marvel and the studio didn’t completely shut the idea down. Vin Diesel included the Alpha Groot hashtag in the post, which is a Groot reference Diesel has made before, that nobody else, even James Gunn has admitted to understanding, so Planet X and Alpha Groot may both be more about Diesel having fun than anything real. 

Seeing Groot star in a movie on his own feels like a longshot, at the same time, we’ve seen Marvel Studios take longshots in the past that paid off, so who knows? It does seem likely that Groot will have a post-Guardians future in the MCU, he is quite popular, so the question is simply where will he go next? Planet X is certainly an option.

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