A Brand New Groot In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3? Vin Diesel Reveals What’s Coming Next

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The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has introduced movie fans to some truly wacky characters over the years. While many people can now wax poetic over the virtues of Yondu, Drax, Rocket and more, none of those characters has been more endearing to millions of MCU fans than Groot. The sentient alien tree made a valiant sacrifice in the first film, which led to one of the cutest superheroes of all time (Baby Groot) and then the snarkiest superhero who can only say three words (Teen Groot). Now, Vin Diesel is promising that, when the third installment finally rolls around, we'll be getting yet another new version of Groot.

It certainly makes sense that Groot, who's been regrowing since the finale of that first Guardians movie, will have evolved even more by the time we get to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the big question is as to whether or not he'll be exactly the same Groot he was before sacrificing himself to save his friends. From what Vin Diesel has told USA Today, though, it sounds like Groot might be maturing into something a bit different from the character we first met:

The Groot that we're going to is Alpha Groot. You're gonna lose your mind when you see Alpha Groot.

Alpha Groot? Alright, I can admit to not being any kind of Guardians of the Galaxy scholar, but has anyone heard of Alpha Groot? He's already a pretty tough character, being quite capable of going from peaceful best buddy to sorta savage fighter in times of need. Groot can withstand attacks from many kinds of weapons, extend his physical form and take on several bad guys at a time, so, if the first Groot we saw wasn't already Alpha Groot, what does this mean for the character in Vol. 3?

Obviously, we don't know anything about what will happen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, especially now that the film will come after Thor: Love and Thunder and Vin Diesel has spilled the beans about at least some of the Guardians appearing that movie. But, it's more than likely that the next time we see Groot, he'll be older, tougher, wiser and (hopefully) less ambivalent about helping out during altercations than Teen Groot was.

Really, what could make us lose our minds the next time we see a changed Groot? Is he going to be bigger than original Groot? Could we see him become more...tree muscle-y? Will he be even more willing to engage in fisticuffs and break off parts of his body to make weapon handles for people right before a big fight? Is Alpha Groot going to grow himself a crown that he wears all time, even when playing his beloved video game?

Who knows what the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 plot has in store for Groot, but Vin Diesel is pretty pumped about it, and James Gunn hasn't let us down yet, so I'm more than willing to dive into the next adventure. I mean, as long as Alpha Groot has a crown. I've decided that that's my deal-breaker now.

We've still got quite a while to wait until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and lots of movies are now delayed, so be sure to check out all of the titles you can currently or soon stream to stay entertained!

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