Oscar Nominee Andrew Garfield Reacts To Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Snub

Andrew Garfield in Tick, Tick... Boom!
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Awards Season is currently in full swing, and nowhere is that more obvious than the recent Oscar nominations. Just like every year, there were a number of notable snubs, and some thrilling noms. Andrew Garfield got a Best Actor nod for his performance in Tick, Tick…Boom! and recently reacted to Spider-Man: No Way Home’s snub.

Given the wildly successful run of Spider-Man: No Way Home and glowing reviews, some fans were hoping it would have a chance to be nominated for major Academy Award categories. But in the end it was only nominated for visual effects. After landing his Best Actor nom, Andrew Garfield was asked about the comic book movie not being quite so lucky. He respond with,

I'm not able to comment on that, particularly. I really love that movie and I really love Amy [Pascal] and Jon Watts and Kevin [Feige] and, obviously Tom [Holland], and Zendaya and Jacob [Batalon] and Tobey [Maguire] and all the cast. That movie has been a kind of juggernaut of proportions that I don't think any of us really expected. I can only speak for myself and I just feel grateful to be a part of something that is keeping cinemas alive right now, keeping cinemas full, and helping in that regard and making sure that the live experience or the communal experience of going to the movies remains intact. It's very, very cool.

Well, there you have it. It looks like Andrew Garfield isn’t too worried about Spider-Man: No Way Home not landing major Oscar nominations like Best Picture. Instead, he’s thrilled to be a part of such a massively successful blockbuster, especially one that helped bring audiences back to theaters in the midst of the Omicron variant.

Andrew Garfield’s latest comments about Spider-Man: No Way Home come from an interview with THR about his Academy Award nomination. While he’s no doubt thrilled to be recognized for playing RENT writer Jonathan Larson in Tick, Tick…BOOM!, eventually the conversation turned to his recent return as Peter Parker. Because despite fan excitement, visual effects were the only category for the massive crossover movie.

The comic book genre has had a complicated relationship with major Award Ceremonies, and only a handful of Marvel movies have managed to be honored with nominations. Black Panther broke new ground in this manner, even scoring a Best Picture nod. Given the critical consensus of Spider-Man: No Way Home, some fans were hoping it would follow suit. But that isn’t how things shook out.

But, Andrew Garfield isn’t the only Peter Parker who seems to have a good attitude about Spider-Man: No Way Home’s awards season performance. Tom Holland previously said something similar, maintaining that the success of the movie lies in how much the fandom loved it, and those viral videos of theaters going crazy. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters now, and fans can watch Andrew Garfield’s Oscar nominated performance in Tick, Tick…BOOM! over on Netflix. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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