Logan: 6 Thoughts I Had While Rewatching The 2017 Movie

Hugh Jackman looking in the distance from his motel room door in Logan.
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I love the film Logan. In, like, the best way. 

I’ve spent literal days of my life watching anything with superhero, because I find it an escape. From the all the MCU films to the latest and greatest original shows on Amazon Prime like The Boys and Invincible, even some of the DC films out there.

But, through all of the superhero movies I have watched, nothing has changed my life quite as much as Logan. The final performance of the iconic Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine, otherwise known as Logan in the X-Men series. This movie, to me, is the peak of superhero films, for many reasons, and while I was re-watching this movie, I had some thoughts I’d like to share - and maybe you’ll feel the same way after. 

Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen in Logan.

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These Acting Performances Are Just Out Of This World

I’m not saying that there isn’t some fantastic acting in superhero properties. I love Elizabeth Olsen’s performance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I think Karl Urban is one of the better actors on The Boys and really shows us a wide range of emotions. There are some amazing actors who are giving some fantastic performances. 

But, nothing beats Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen as Logan and Laura, y’all. Nothing. And I mean that with my whole heart. 

These two actors have been freaking busy in Hollywood since Logan released five years ago, from Dafne Keen in the His Dark Materials cast to Hugh Jackman tearing it up in The Greatest Showman and, most recently, Reminiscence. But I still think that this movie is one of their best. The chemistry that these two actors have, this Hollywood mainstay and this (at the time) newcomer to the business, is impeccable. I could watch them for hours on end. 

Hugh Jackman in Logan.

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I Love How Brutal This Movie Is - It Doesn’t Let Up

This makes me sound like I’m a psychopath, but hear me out. So many superhero movies gloss over the actual pain part of being a superhero. While I do enjoy the comedic aspects of certain superhero movies or TV shows, there’s just something about a realistic superhero movie like Logan that does it for me. 

I get that most superhero films try to cater to families, which is why Logan was, understandably, rated R, so you knew what you were getting into, but I like that it was bloody. It was authentic. It was real. Because as I watch Logan, all I think is that this is what being a superhero would look like. Screw all of the medals and the fans and everything else. It’s bloody and terrifying and death is very possible. 

I think that’s why I like Invincible and The Boys so much, because they take a realistic look at superheroes and aren’t afraid to show you the bloodiness that comes with it, the brutality of trying to save people - and the lives it may cost. Logan is the first superhero movie, at least in my opinion, that truly shows that. 

Patrick Stewart in Logan.

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What A Way To Kill Off Xavier

This man has been playing Charles Xavier, otherwise known as Professor X, for years, and what a way to kill him off. Sir Patrick Stewart is iconic in the role as Xavier - it’s why he was brought back to play the same character in a different universe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

In Logan’s universe, though, Charles Xavier is very much dead, and he was killed by X-24, a clone of Wolverine in his prime. It was like closing a door, a full circle moment. Xavier had this long journey with Wolverine from the beginning, and to be killed by a clone of one of the men he trusted the most is devastating. 

It’s also a great way to take out these two actors together. Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman were both in the first X-Men, and now their characters both die in the same film. It’s poetic, in a way. 

Dafne Keen and Hugh Jackman in Logan.

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I’m A Sucker For This Estranged Father-New Daughter Storyline

I mean, The Last of Us is my favorite video game ever - and they’re turning that into an HBO television show, so don’t even approach me when that is premiering. But yeah, I am a sucker for father/daughter stories and this estranged father-new daughter storyline, especially. I will watch these stories every single time, whether it’s in a drama or a comedy or anything else, and Logan is no different. 

I believe what I like the most about this is that you really start to believe that these two are the same exact person. They have so many of the same mannerisms, the same attitude, the same personality - you can’t help but root for them. 

The kids in Logan.

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That Final Scene With All The Kids Killing Pierce And The Reavers Is Great 

Dude, this scene. Oh my God, I was cheering at the screen. The moment the other Transigen children appeared on the screen, I knew they were meant to do something. There was no way Logan would introduce this whole flock of kids with powers and not have them do anything. 

And then, boom, they all come together in the end, combine their powers, and kill Pierce and the Reavers. It’s one of the most amazing moments in the film because it’s like seeing a new generation of mutants all come together. I loved watching all of them with their strange and unique powers somehow combine their talents to kill this evil man. 

Logan's grave in Logan.

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Logan’s Death Is Beautifully Done And I’m Still Crying

Ugh, I’m so sad already writing about it, but man, again, what a way to take out Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in Logan. Such a depressing but beautiful scene. Jackman devoted so much of his career to playing this character and it was beautiful to see him end it like this. 

Him on his deathbed, lying next to Laura who is helpless in watching him die after this intense and draining journey the two of them shared, telling her not to be the weapon that she was created to be. Her admitting to him that he is her father. Holding him as he dies - I’m not crying, you’re crying. So beautifully done. 

And then when Laura flips the cross of Logan’s grave and turns it into an X, honoring his legacy - it had me bawling in the theater. I am still missing the heck out of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but damn, they sent him off amazingly in Logan. 

To this day, I still think Logan sits a bit higher than any other superhero movie out there, and no other film so far has surpassed it for me. But when one does, I’ll write an article on that, too. Now I want to watch it again to feel this pain over and over.  

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