The next month will bring tons of news about Harry Potter. With the next feature film and the seventh and final book in the series both due out over the next month, everyone is going to be wild about Harry. Everyone, it seems, except for a computer hacker named “Gabriel,” who seems intent on taking the boy wizard down.

“Gabriel” posted information about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on a well-known hackers site Tuesday morning; information that he claims reveals major plot points about J.K. Rowling’s last novel, including the most anticipated part of the novel – who dies. He claims he found the information by hacking the computers of Bloombsury, the publishing company behind the series. He sent a virus laden e-mail to one of the employees and was then able to hack his way in.

So why ruin the fun for readers? His broken-English posts explain that Harry Potter brings the youth of the world toward a Neo Paganism faith and, by spoiling the information, he was following the “precious words of the great Pope Benedict XVI when he was still Cardinal.” By posting the information, Gabriel feels he has made “reading of the upcoming book useless and boring.”

As for the accuracy of Gabriel’s information, Bloomsbury has not released any information regarding the alleged attacks and has not commented as of yet.

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