While I admit it isn’t the most mentally stable way to live life, I’ll often try to make a boring situation seem more interesting by pondering the ways I could turn it into an event from American Gladiators, one of the most endlessly engaging game shows to ever exist. There’s nothing that would make a dentist’s waiting room more tolerable than contemplating which other patients would be the easiest to maul in the Gauntlet, and I may or may not have spent a small bit of time this weekend wondering how Gladiators could make an Easter egg hunt a more captivating affair.

And because there’s no time like the present – The Present would obviously be a Christmas-themed segment – I’ve put together a list of the 10 best American Gladiators events, informed both by which ones were the most entertaining to watch, and which ones I think would be the most enjoyable to take part in. Because thinking of those rings in Hang Tough immediately makes my arms cramp up to the point that typing is impossible, you won’t be finding that one on here.

10. Pyramid
A goofier, grade-school take on the “climb something while people are trying to take you down” concept that I just couldn’t fully enjoy through The Wall for some reason, The Pyramid was a blast to watch, as it often involved watching full-grown adults taking huge tumbles down giant crashmats. To me, that would be the perfect way to get into bed every night. And yes, the flamethrowers would be a part of it.

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