Criminal Minds has been on the air for 11 seasons now, and in that time, the show has featured a slew of awesome guest stars playing roles as varied as victims, unsubs and even family members. It’s hard to choose the best of the best, so we recently culled through all of the big names to ever appear on the series and came up with a list of the best Criminal Minds guest stars, ranked. From foes to friends, there are some interesting picks here. You can check ‘em out, below.

Aaron Paul
10. Aaron Paul
Three years before Aaron Paul started calling people “bitch” on Breaking Bad, he played a Satanist who was really into eyeliner on Criminal Minds. In the episode "The Popular Kids," Paul copped some attitude with the BAU and snorted at the idea that one of his peers could be a virgin. Seriously, how could you not want to go back and give this episode a re-watch?

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