Angel From Hell Has Been Cancelled By CBS Already

While it has actually been a pretty good year for freshman TV shows in terms of renewals, a few programs just haven’t been able to catch a break and have been axed early by the networks. Among these is Angel From Hell, the Jane Lynch-led series with an angelic premise. This one also starred Kyle Bornheimer, so I guess we should’ve seen the cancellation coming. Regardless, Angel From Hell will not be returning for Season 2.

Although Angel From Hell was picked up by CBS last spring, the series didn’t even land a slot on the schedule until midseason, thanks to competition from new fall programming like Life in Pieces and Code Black. While the series was doing more than 6 million total viewers and a 1.4 rating—numbers that would be pretty decent on any major network that is not CBS--the Eye Network was not impressed. After only five outings, the network made the all-too-easy decision to drop the single camera comedy.

Deadline reports that in the wake of the cancellation, CBS isn’t even going to let Angel From Hell finish out its run. Instead, there’s going to be a scheduling switcheroo on Thursday nights. This Thursday, fans will get a Big Bang Theory rerun in the show’s 9:30 timeslot. Then, starting next week, 2 Broke Girls will move from its Wednesday night timeslot and head back to Thursdays. Honestly, shuffling a prominent TV series is not usually a great idea, but 2 Broke Girls has shuffled days in the schedule before and people seem to still find it, so I’m not too concerned about the move to Thursdays.

Jane Lynch just ended her run on Glee last spring. The comedian is a top-notch talent, and it didn’t surprise us in the least that she landed a new gig immediately. However, Angel From Hell never really had a title that was appealing and it’s premise was even odder; the show follows a real-life guardian angel who has been watching over a dermatologist (played by Maggie Lawson) since childhood. Despite the attractive cast, the fantasy sitcom was always an oddball, plus it doesn’t really fit in with the other programming CBS has available on Thursday nights.

Angel From Hell isn’t the only sitcom that CBS has cancelled this season. A few months ago, we also learned the network had axed the long-running sitcom Mike & Molly, before the current season even hit the schedule. Unlike Angel From Hell, Mike & Molly isn’t being pulled from the lineup, although episodes of that show have aired erratically. The Good Wife is also ending its run this spring, and a few more shows are sure to get axed before CBS cements its schedule for next year.

For now, you can check out what the networks still have left to premiere this winter with our midseason TV schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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