Criminal Minds Might Be Bringing Back This Favorite Character

Criminal Minds is making some major changes for Season 11, including a couple of new cast members. While casting changes are always exciting, it’s probably even more exciting when we hear a fan-favorite character could return to the series. This week, Criminal Minds executive producer Eric Messer explained that the series is looking to get back Jane Lynch’s character, now that her current schedule puts her in a better position to pop up on the show.

With Glee finished and [Lynch's new show Angel From Hell] is on CBS ... I don't think that will be a problem. We absolutely want her back. I've talked to Matthew about it. We've got to find a reason to bring her back because I don't want it to be unrealistic or just to have her. And we want to be able to use her well too.

On Criminal Minds, Lynch plays Diana, a recurring character who deals with schizophrenia. She also happens to be Spencer Reid’s mother, and the relationship he had with his troubled parent while growing up has helped to shape and define the person Reid is today. Reid took his love of learning from his mother, but their relationship has been strained throughout the series, as Reid was the person who decided to have his mother committed as a teen. It’s been a while since we’ve physically seen Diana on the show (Season 4, in fact). However, a couple of seasons ago, Reid did get postcards from his mom indicating that she is doing better and is even spending time on trips.

However, Messer tells TV Guide that the rosy place where we left Spencer and Diana’s relationship may not last.

She was doing well last we heard, which is great," Messer says. "But often with the drama shows, you need a dramatic reason that she's back, so we're going to figure that out first.

Obviously, nothing is set in stone yet in terms of casting, but as Criminal Minds Season 11 moves forward, it looks as if Jane Lynch may be in an episode or more. Beyond Reid, J.J., Hotch, Morgan, Rossi and Penelope, we’ll also see some new characters. About a month ago, we learned that Aisha Tyler has signed on with the series. She’s playing a psychologist named Dr. Tara Lewis, who ends up working for the BAU. Since Jennifer Love Hewitt officially left the drama and A.J. Cook will be on pregnancy leave for some of the season, I wouldn’t be shocked to see another character play a part with the team at some point, either. We’ll let you know if anyone else gets cast.

In the meantime, Criminal Minds will returning to the schedule on Wednesday nights this fall. The first episode will air on September 30 at 9 p.m. ET. Here’s what else CBS has coming up this fall.

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