One of the best and worst things about television is the amount of amazingly horrible gross-out moments. This year we had a ton of scenes that made our stomachs churn, and made us shield our eyes from the TV screens. Be it crushed bones, flesh-eating babies, or gruesome surgeries, this year was a virtual feast of horrible, disgusting moments. And these were the Top 10. Be warned, though. This list is pretty gruesome and should only be viewed by the strong stomached.

Additionally, like all of our other end of year lists, this one is full of spoilers. So if you don't want to know something gross about The Knick, Helix, The Walking Dead and more, it's best to hop away before you are in too deep!

Grossest List
10. The Black Blood and the Body in the Body Bag (Helix)
Anything having to do with any sort of virus or pandemic is usually pretty gross; however, this 2014 moment was certainly something special. On Helix, the victims of the virus bled black, which was alone pretty gross, but in the pilot episode of Helix, there was an even worse moment when Dr. Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes) went to examine two dead bodies. As she opened the first body bag, we got a lovely eyeful of a nasty, horrible skeleton, and a minor explosion of black, oozy blood. Understandably, Sarah freaked out. It was our first real taste of what is in store for us in the coming season, and is certainly one of the standout, gross out moments of the year.

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